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We know that you can’t create a great quality product without great quality materials.  Our kitchens offer a wide range of innovative and durable interior innovations and organisational components that provide you with a huge amount of design flexibility and add another dimension to your kitchen designs.


When it comes to designing a kitchen, the quality of the fittings can make all the difference.  That’s why we partner with some of the worlds most highly regarded  component manufacturers to provide you with a choice of sleek, durable and functional solutions that enhance the overall look, feel and functionality of your designs.

  • Hinges from Hettich are the heart of good doors: innovative, reliable and durable, offering quality as well as clever mounting and adjustment capabilities. The Sensys and Intermat fast assembly hinges are particularly easy to fit and can be adjusted without any effort.
  • Discover function at top level.  Folding fronts can often be a simple yet effective solution for small cupboards in many kitchen designs.  As well as their practical benefits, they are also quickly installed and offer functionality at a reasonable price point.
    Flap Fittings
  • We offer a range of ingenious drawer systems to accompany each of our furniture collections, to suit any application.  Convenient, sturdy, smooth running and attractive. Double walled side profiles in a wide range of options. Our drawer systems can also be paired with an extensive range of internal accessories to further optimize the use of space.
    Drawer systems
  • Our folding door systems are available in a wide range of design options.  Discover freely moving,  carcase-bound or guided systems that offer stylish, space-saving, and functional design solutions.
    Folding Door Systems


Our vast selection of innovative storage solutions allows you to approach kitchen design in a whole new way. From classic products like the LeMans blind corner units, to innovative pull-down storage, our range of clever and accessible storage solutions are sure to bring style and increased functionality to any kitchen design.

  • Pantries are a fantastic way to maintain a clutter free kitchen.  Gone are the days when these spaces were used solely to store spices and dried goods, today they are multifunctional storage spaces, frequently used as cocktail cabinets, display areas and breakfast stations.  With an increase in worktop standing appliances such as air fryers, new storage solutions for include with dedicated worktop space, power and storage to house these appliances, as well as sliding doors and sensor openings to create a seamless look.
  • Offering complete and unrestricted access to the corner cabinet, the LeMans system is ideal for storing pots, pans, small appliances, and other items that are often kept in corner cabinets. By utilising the space more effectively and providing easier access, the Lemans system helps improve functionality and organization.
  • Get access to everything, in one easy movement. Our variety of larder pull outs offer a simplified storage solution that take full advantage of available space inside tall cabinets.
    Larder Pull Outs
  • LightTower from Hettich is a practical new larder storage concept featuring a hassle-free, no connection illumination combined with the exceptional AvanTech YOU platform drawer system. Light Tower illuminates the cabinet interior automatically when the drawer is opened. Delivery of the even, 4,000K light requires no complicated connections, thanks to a practical rechargeable battery pack.
  • Attractive on the outside. Intelligent inside. Our range of interior organisation solutions provide a neat and tidy look with easy access to utensils and cookware.  Pleasing the eye, all contents are easily and safely stored away to help maintain a clutter free kitchen.
  • Add a protective layer to cabinetry with our range of non-slip drawer liners.
    Drawer lining


Incorporating effective waste management solutions in to kitchen designs are crucial to maintaining a clean and organised space and can also encourage healthier and more sustainable practices.  With capacity and sizes to suit various cabinet widths, our range of pull out bins has something for every kitchen, from under sink bins to in-cupboard solutions.

  • Pull Out Waste Bin for 450 mm cabinet featuring  two 35 litre bins.
    Example 1
  • Pull Out Waste Bin for 600mm cabinet featuring two 12.5 litre and one 28 litre bin.
    Example 2
  • Pull Out Waste Bin for 500 mm cabinet featuring two 13 litre and one 18 litre bins.
    Example 3


It’s often the finer details that make all the difference.  Whilst handles may seem like a small detail, they can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen designs. By choosing the right handles, you can add a touch of elegance, modernity, or vintage charm to the space.

  • We offer a diverse range of handle options from contemporary to classic in a wide variety of styles and finishes.
  • Our Synergy collection features a striking handleless rail system available in a variety of colour choices, which provides a contemporary look and a streamlined design that enhances the overall appearance of the design.


Lighting can make or break a room. A zoned or layered lighting design can have a massive impact on the overall on the look, feel and function of a kitchen. Utilizing a combination of ambient and task lighting can help create a functional yet enjoyable atmosphere.

  • Natural lighting gives a cooler, cleaner hue which is similar to daylight.  It brings in the outside world and makes the space feel open and airy and is the ideal choice for task lighting.
  • Warm lighting can create a cozy and intimate feel to the space, perfect for relaxing and enjoying meals with loved ones. It can soften the overall look of the kitchen and create a welcoming atmosphere.
  • In addition to overall ambient lighting, spotlights are a highly effective means of task lighting in the kitchen. Task lighting is essential for preparing food, reading recipes and general cooking and cleaning.
    Spot Lighting
  • A seamless, continuous light solution with endless possibilities.  Flexible strip lighting is a simple yet highly effective and versatile option that is perfect for highlighting specific features such as plinth and handle-less profiles, shelving or under cabinet task lighting.
    Flexible Strip Lighting

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