Flexible Strip Lighting

A seamless, continuous light solution with endless possibilities.  Flexible strip lighting is a simple yet highly effective and versatile option that is perfect for highlighting specific features such as plinth and handle-less profiles, shelving or under cabinet task lighting.

Spot Lighting

In addition to overall ambient lighting, spotlights are a highly effective means of task lighting in the kitchen. Task lighting is essential for preparing food, reading recipes and general cooking and cleaning.


Warm lighting can create a cozy and intimate feel to the space, perfect for relaxing and enjoying meals with loved ones. It can soften the overall look of the kitchen and create a welcoming atmosphere.


Natural lighting gives a cooler, cleaner hue which is similar to daylight.  It brings in the outside world and makes the space feel open and airy and is the ideal choice for task lighting.


Our Synergy collection features a striking handleless rail system available in a variety of colour choices, which provides a contemporary look and a streamlined design that enhances the overall appearance of the design.


We offer a diverse range of handle options from contemporary to classic in a wide variety of styles and finishes.

Drawer lining

Add a protective layer to cabinetry with our range of non-slip drawer liners.


Attractive on the outside. Intelligent inside. Our range of interior organisation solutions provide a neat and tidy look with easy access to utensils and cookware.  Pleasing the eye, all contents are easily and safely stored away to help maintain a clutter free kitchen.


LightTower from Hettich is a practical new larder storage concept featuring a hassle-free, no connection illumination combined with the exceptional AvanTech YOU platform drawer system. Light Tower illuminates the cabinet interior automatically when the drawer is opened. Delivery of the even, 4,000K light requires no complicated connections, thanks to a practical rechargeable battery pack.

Larder Pull Outs

Get access to everything, in one easy movement. Our variety of larder pull outs offer a simplified storage solution that take full advantage of available space inside tall cabinets.