Finding Your Ideal Smith & Frater Range

The kitchen is undoubtedly the central point of any home. It’s a space where culinary creativity comes to life, family gatherings are nurtured, and memories are forged. Among the key components that define a kitchen’s aesthetic and functionality, the choice of kitchen range plays a pivotal role. Smith & Frater have four unique ranges to choose from which perfectly complement the distinct needs and preferences of homeowners: Modern Slab, Synergy, Shaker, and In-Frame.

Remo matt dust grey kitchen

Modern Slab

Our modern slab range embodies the allure of simplicity while offering boundless design options. It seamlessly caters to both minimalists and those who crave vibrant colours and distinctive designs. The extensive selection of colours, door styles, handles, and design choices empower you to imprint your kitchen with your personal touch. The modern slab range offers a sanctuary of clean lines and uncluttered spaces. Every element is thoughtfully curated, contributing to an ambience of serenity and sophistication. Resulting in a space that is undeniably your own.


The Synergy range possesses the remarkable ability to conjure an illusion of expanded space, ingeniously transforming even the most compact kitchens into open, inviting havens. At the core of the Synergy range lies a design that embraces minimalism without compromising on elegance. The clean lines of this collection effortlessly guide the eye, creating a seamless and uncluttered visual journey throughout your kitchen, offering countless handleless concepts that adapt to your style and design aspirations. The result is a space that feels larger.


The Shaker collection is a range that works harmoniously with practicality and aesthetics, adapting to spaces of all sizes to deliver a kitchen that not only performs tirelessly but also emits exquisite charm. Radiating an air of effortless chic and sophistication, our shaker collection stands as a testament to refined style. Its understated yet striking detailing, coupled with an array of accessories, makes a lasting impression that resonates with elegance. Encompassing a diverse spectrum of colours and finishes, our versatile shaker collection seamlessly integrates into any home, becoming a cornerstone of your living space’s aesthetic.


A representation of the pinnacle of genuine elegance, our In-Frame range is a remarkable collection that seamlessly brings together style and substance that elevates your home. The In-Frame designs are a testament to exquisite craftsmanship, while an extensive array of meticulously curated accessories further enhances its appeal, creating a symphony of beauty and utility that leaves a lasting impression. The choice between flat-painted or subtly revealed woodgrain textures gives you the freedom to imagine your desired kitchen, with the ability to blend an array of captivating colours to make it the perfect space for you.

Selecting the perfect kitchen range is a truly personal endeavour, one that reflects your lifestyle, preferences, and aspirations. Whether you’re drawn to the sleek minimalism of Modern Slab, the functional allure of Synergy, the timeless charm of Shake, or the artisanal beauty of In-Frame, the experienced team at Smith & Frater is here to help you find your dream kitchen.